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REMER Rubinetterie

Remer Rubinetterie S.p.A. is a leader company founded in 1965 in Milan.

Operating on the national and international market for 45 years, Remer is constantly in evolution.

The goals achieved by the complete internalization of the production cycles, rank Remer among the best sector producers of the world.

Our fleet of highly innovative and fully automated and robotic machines means high quality level.

The heavy investments made and needed to get a completely internal production cycle combined with the large numbers we produce increase the value of Remer Rubinetterie ensuring all our customers with a triple product safety that is:
  • the certainty of its origin
  • the safety of total quality
  • the best competition in the market

Starting from 3D design, analyzing shapes and performances initially via prototyping in ABS, then in brass, then carefully selecting the best raw materials, producing using the most sophisticated and technologically advanced machinery, supported by robots for a total automation, and ending the product with our internal polishing and chrome-plating machines, the whole production cycle is carried on in the plants of the Remer Group companies.

Leak tests (carried out with air on 100% of the production and with water by sample) and painstaking assembly give to each product the guarantee of total quality.

Our company philosophy of continuous improvement and a selection of highly qualified working personnel, motivated and proud to do things in the best way, are attributes that are reflected in our products, which become the fruit of love of people for the company and for their work, in the interest of the community.

Remer Rubinetterie S.p.A. has now firmly an established and growing role among the leading Italian producers in hydraulic sector thanks to its main factors distinguishing it:

  •  the wide and complete range of products
  • the logistic facilities granting deliveries within the minimum time
  • the right ratio quality / price and
  • the constant attention in giving to customers the best possible service.

This is Remer Rubinetterie, this is our Group that is structured on an area of about 85.000 square meters, 45.000 sqm covered and 2.000 sqm of offices only and permanently sells in over 130 countries worldwide.