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BRONTE whirlpools

Bronte Whirlpools have been making whirlpool and spa systems since 1983. The company was started by two development engineers (one has since retired) who were unhappy with the quality and poor performance of products in the market and decided to design their own system.

Our experience has allowed us to develop and design products that work better and give years of service. We patented the ‘V’ venturi and invented the Maxi-Drain pipework system which is accepted as the best draining system on the market and still sets the standard today.

Some whirlpool ‘manufacturers’ buy in components from Europe, USA and China, assemble them to the bath and say ‘Made in Britain’.

What makes us different is we manufacture components here in the UK using our own tooling to our designs. We manufacture all our own electronic circuit boards and when we do buy in components they have to be as good as we would make ourselves.

That means our Venturi’s (the jets in the side of the bath) are designed to work correctly with the pump, they are more efficient so we can use a smaller pump, saving energy without any loss in performance.

Our spa jets (in the base of the bath) are made from solid brass, not plastic, they cost more but we know they will last over twenty years, we have been in business nearly 30 years so we know!

After 20 years one of our customers wanted another whirlpool bath, not because it was faulty, but because he was changing his bathroom, perhaps we make them last too long!