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The soul of the company is already in the name, Manufacturing Cotto Tuscania , to emphasize the origin of production in the sixties was still a predominantly manufacturing.

The experience gained over time, with the typical sensitivity of those who work a natural product, has become, following virtuous path, a way of thinking and operating.

Today, the industrialization of processes, computerization and attentive management changes and the evolution of taste and style has transformed "Cotto Tuscania," as it is affectionately recognized by the market, in a leading-edge, independent, free to make choices ambitious and successful.

In this respect, 2007 was a year of great changes and significant investments with the replacement of the production lines and the acquisition of the latest technology to address the market with new tools and new products. Parallel and steady is the laboratory work performed by the research center to test new technical and aesthetic solutions and obtain surfaces, colors and finishes that replicate the natural elements such as wood, metals, fabrics and cooked of course.

The marketing has helped to define the identity of two main product lines: ToscoKer and Line Project.

Toscoker represents the ' innovation , the glamor , the dream and ' esistibile . This is the line of porcelain that interprets new needs, evolving, stretching and hybrid materials present in nature and that turns them into surfaces of furniture.

Line Project is the range of floors for inside and outside of Tuscania designed to meet the needs of everyday life, with a wide range of colors, technical and aesthetic solutions particolarmete suitable for decorating walkways, driveways and patios .