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POLIS CERAMICHE S.p.A. has been a well-known worldwide trademark in the ceramic industry, due to the technical and aesthetic quality of its products.

POLIS was founded by the current owners, based on an entrepreneurial vision and the strength of ideas, characteristics which have made Polis a world leader in the production and distribution of its floor and wall tiles.

The company mission is to produce high quality tiles for residential applications, guaranteeing excellent service and has a commitment to increasing the value of the trademark still further.

The production facilities are in Bondeno Gonzaga (Mantova) and cover about 150.000 square meters of space (more than a third indoors). The company employs over 200. The modern production lines turn out fine porcelain stoneware, single-fired white body tile and conventional double-fired tile, totalling over 6 million square meters a year.

Polis is highly attentive to the needs of the environment. In 2004 the company obtained certification to ISO 14001 standards, reserved to companies with management systems geared to low environmental impact. In 2006, Polis attained ISO 9001 certification for the quality of its floor and wall tiles.


Why Polis

Technology, experience and reliability are the keystones of the Polis Ceramiche production philosophy.

Design, know-how and specialist technical assistance enable Polis Cera­miche to offer the customer a flawless service capable of meeting the demand’s needs without delay. State of the plants and leading edge processes guarantee high quality products. The fully computerized kilns control combustion to perfection. The electrically operated presses assure strict compliance with dimensional parameters, and perfect surfaces. The laser-guided conveyor system and the five glazing lines, two of them no less than 128 metres long, complete the equipement which enables Polis to carry out the entire production cycle internally. In-depth mar­keting studies precede the production of Polis collections, which are always guaranteed trend-setters. The outstan­ding work of professional designers allow Polis to crea­te articles with elegant, sophisticated styling.

Every Polis product undergoes rigorous tests to verify its resistance to frost, flexion, abrasion and the main acids, as well as its breaking strain. The results of these tests are certified by specialized laboratories to assure the maximum reliability. The experience and perfect knowledge of its product which Polis has aquired in over twenty years merge with the most sophisticated technologies, provided by large investments which have accentuated the company’s dynamism and commitment to renewal. As well as an increase in output in the once-fired and porcelain stoneware sectors, future objectives include an expansion of the internal testing and R&D laboratory.



Low environmental impact technology

Thanks to a collaboration between the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Faculty of Material and environmental Engineering- DIMA) and two firms, Relight Srl- research laboratories for recycling waste of electrical and electronically equipment and Polis Manifatture Ceramiche SpA a new porcelain glazed tile has been achieved.

It contains a glaze composed by 40% recycled glass, coming from high-performance spent fluorescent lamps; the excellent tile created is a high performance product with a low environmental impact, as for the Integration Products Politic (IPP).

5 key points for a positive ecobalance: reducing the use of raw materials, reducing transport, reducing energy consumption, recycling high-quality materials, reducing energy consumption.